Rickshaw Reel: A Visual Art Installation

Curated by Saad Khan & Kiran Dhillon

Rickshaw By Shayan.jpgRickshaw Reel is a visual art installation that reveals slice of life in Pakistan as captured by several filmmakers and photographers. The installation contains three segments: Punjab Life, Lollywood, and Queeristan. Punjab Life is composed of several short films and clips by Saad Khan that capture the sounds and sites of both urban and rural Punjab. Lollywood celebrates and reveals the deep, and often sensual, side of the Pakistani mainstream film industry. Queeristan is comprised of a photo montage by Spanish photographer Martha Ramoneda chronicling the experience of a transgender clan in Pakistan. (Rickshaw image by Shayan Sulehri)


PUNJAB LIFE1st_Segment.jpg

Lahore Bites
By Saad Khan | Sound: Khurram Siddiqi
Lahore Bites is a feast on images of vibrant life in the old walled city of Lahore, set to the cacophony of sounds from traffic, street hawkers, musicians, and theater.

15 Seconds in Islamabad
By Saad Khan
A 15 second clip of a sleepy drive around Islamabad, as Serge Gainsbourgh plays in the car.

By Saad Khan feat. Husnain Ul Haq
A mesh of Instagram videos through the lens of a tourist in Lahore, making his way on a rickshaw, sampling street food, creating music in the red-light district, stopping by dilapidated cinemas and ogling theatre showgirls.

Peasants’ Shenanigans
By Saad Khan
A single-shot clip of young peasants horsing around, on a break from farm work in rural Punjab.

By Saad Khan
Four young girls in an open-roof school in rural Pakistan are seeing a camera for the very first time. Squinting from the bright sun, the girls nudge each other to be seen by the camera. The sound of other school children practicing times tables are heard in the back. Soon, it becomes less clear whether you are watching the girls or if they are watching you.


LOLLYWOOD (Lahore-based Pakistani film industry)2.jpg

Shabana Sound Bite
By Saad Khan
A short audio clip from a Lollywood film called Shabana (circa 1976). Ms. Shabana banters with an eager lover in a preppy bar in Karachi. She insists on drinking her whiskey neat, as the only way a dame from ‘modern society’ should.  

Telephone Pyar
By Adnan Malik
An intimate voice-over telephone conversation between an unidentified man and woman is laid over archival material sourced from Lollywood films. As the provocative nature of the conversation gains momentum, the visuals become progressively more suggestive. Extracted from sixty years of Pakistani cinema, these metaphoric representations of love and sexuality point to a rich cultural engagement with sexual identity; a history that is often sidelined, suppressed and/or unacknowledged today.

Whip My Hair Back and Forth
By Saadat Munir
Colorful visuals of women in Lollywood originally dancing to a club qawalli song, re-edited to the beat of ‘I Whip My Hair Back and Forth.’

Some Say I am Sweety
Picture Montage by Omar Ali Khan
Nahid Akhtar, dubbed the Donna Summers of Pakistan, sings a kitchy English language song describing why ‘Some Say [she’s] Sweety’ to the backdrop of pictures from the smutty Lollywood and Pashto cinemas. The song is originally from the Lollywood film Kora Kaghaz (circa 1978).

Plasticines feat. Farzana
By Saad Khan
Ms. Farzana, Shabana’s identical twin, laments to her mother about her wedding night rape. The dialog is played to footage of thick clouds gliding over Istanbul and to the sound of Camera by the Plasticines.



Khusra – Transgenero en Pakistan
By Martha Ramoneda
A Picture essay on the transgender community living in the “French Colony,” a slum amidst an affluent neighborhood of Islamabad. The pictures document the lives of clan members performing at wedding functions, in the circus and on the streets of Rawalpindi. 

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