Saturday, February 18, Northwest Film Forum

12:00 PM
The Curious Case of Mr. Bhim Thapa
Bhakta Chand, 13min, Nepal
Bhim Thapa has dedicated his life to the idea that people needed to be awakened to bring changes in their lives. He held this idea for a lifetime, painting & inscribing the word “khoja” on the pavement, walls, and stones of Nepal. MORE. . .

12:00 PM
Cities of Sleep
Shaunak Sen, 74min, India
This film invites you to enter a world where simply being able to secure a good night’s sleep can become a matter of life and death. MORE. . .

2:00 PM
Be a Man!: Constructing Masculinity in South Asia
Harjant Gill, 28min, India
Mardistan uses the voices of  four South Asian men from different generations and backgrounds to understand the construction of masculinity in India. MORE. . .

2:00 PM
Sent Away Boys
Harjant Gill, 40min, India
What happens to families in the absence of sons? What happens to land in the absence of farmers? What happens to communities in the absence of men? MORE. . .

2:00 PM
Gender identity Panel with Harjant Gill, Moderated by Prof. Seema Bahl.

5:00 PM
Seeing the Forest for The Trees: Environmentalism in South Asia
Sarthak Bhasin, 18min, India
A village man devises an unusual solution to a local water shortage. MORE. . .

5:00 PM
I Cannot Give You My Forest
Nandan Saxena and Kavita Bahl, 45min, India
Politics meet poetics in the story of the Kondh, the original dwellers of the verdant forests of Niyamgiri in the state of Odisha, as they encounter the forces of modern day capitalism and its insatiable appetites. MORE. . .
Followed by a panel discussion.

7:00 PM
Marcus Ricci and Rakesh Baruah, 69min, US/Pakistan
** Explicit Mature language**A Muslim punk band heads on out on a national tour, and in the process discover  what it was like to be young, angry, and in search of somewhere to belong in an America transitioning from war into something new. MORE. . .

After the show, join your fellow SAID attendees for drinks and conversation at the Yeti Bar

Sunday, February 19, Northwest Film Forum

12:00 PM
Teen Create:
Behind a Wall of Justice
Mohammad Shazzad Hossain, 12min, Bangladesh
Mostafiz and his family struggle to return to a normal life after battling a false conviction for ten years. MORE. . .

12:00 PM
On the Road
Changhee Chun, 19min, Bangladesh/S.Korea
Travel along with Moazzem and Maruf, two migrant workers from Bangladesh in Korea, on their quest for a brighter future—the elusive “Korean Dream.” MORE. . .

12:00 PM
Youth Presentation
Join the talented participants of our Teen Documentary Workshop, as they premiere their films and talk about their process. MORE. . .

2:00 PM
Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami, 91min, Afghanistan
Meet Sonita, a feisty, spirited, young Afghani woman who fights to live the way she wants, as an artist, singer, and musician, in spite of all obstacles she faces in Iran and with her conservative patriarchal family. MORE. . .