The Curious Case of Mr. Bhim Thapa (Bhakta Chand, Nepal, 13mins)

This documentary centers on a man, myth and his legacy. It works both as a biopic and as a timeless and relevant piece of social commentary. Mr. Bhim Thapa has dedicated his life to the idea that people needed to be awakened to bring changes in their lives. He held this idea for a lifetime, painting & inscribing the word “khoja” on the pavement, walls, and stones of Nepal. Now, 96, old and fragile, he is still traveling and writing. It is believed that he has written/inscribed “Khoja” over 8 million times. 

About the Director

In 2000, Bhakta Chand ditched his Civil Engineering studies & went to Norway to study Theater Arts and English Literature. It was a journey that shaped his future and developed interest in films and documentaries. After Studying Anthropology in London, he returned to Kathmandu and went to produce documentaries on social, cultural & contemporary issues in Nepal.

His first documentary on plastic problem in Kathmandu valley and effect it leads to the global environment won him the prestigious award at San Francisco organized by Siemens. He wrote and directed a feature length documentary about traditional music and musicians called “Valley of Music”. This historical traditional music and its instruments is going through a phase and is on the verge of extinction as its loss means loss of intellectual calamity to ancient knowledge leading to the extinction of an entire culture. The documentary was premiered at a renowned theatre in Kathmandu. The Curious Case of Mr. Bhim Thapa is his third documentary film.

Currently, Bhakta is working as a Programme Manager at an innovative not for profit social business enterprise that supports and enables positive futures for street based children, young people and families at risk in Nepal. 



  • Figueira Film Art Festival 2016 (Portugal) - Winner of Best Short Documentary
  • 13th Frames Film Festival 2016(Mumbai) -  Runner Up for Best Short Documentary


This screening will be followed by the screening of Cities of Sleep