About SAID

Tasveer’s South Asian International Docufest (SAID) showcases high-quality, thought-provoking documentaries that speak directly to issues relevant to the South Asian community, and use the documentarian’s lens to draw attention to stories often unseen and voices often unheard. The films are accompanied by post-screening conversations between filmmakers, audience members, and community leaders. SAID is the only dedicated documentary film festival in the United States.

SAID 2018 Team

SAID Director: Rita Meher

SAID Coordinator: Sumathi Raghavan

SAID Coordinator: Ashwathi Raj

SubDrift Coordinator: Ashwat Bhoopathy

SAID Website: Jitendra Joshi, Sumathi Raghavan

Seattle University Partnership Coordinators: Polo Mehotra, Dale Watanbe



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